Kekurangan Kalsium dan Vitamin D – Rickets

“Rickets is more common in children who have darker skin and in children who are breast fed rather than bottle fed.

The most common cause of rickets is an extreme lack of vitamin D or a lack of calcium, or both together.

Your baby can get the vitamin D he or she needs from your breast milk (as long as you’re getting good amounts yourself) or from formula milk with vitamin D added. However, if you don’t get good amounts of vitamin D yourself, your breast milk will not provide much vitamin D at all and require you to give your baby vitamin D supplements. Older children can take vitamin D supplements, or get vitamin D by exposing their skin to the sun.

Research now shows that getting enough vitamin D during pregnancy is important for the health of your baby. If you’re pregnant you should consider taking a vitamin D supplement, particularly if you have darker skin or get little sunshine on your skin.

Rickets can be effectively treated with vitamin D supplements. As well as giving vitamin D, doctors may also prescribe calcium supplements to treat rickets.” (Source :


Pasal tu amatlah penting untuk ibu mengandung minum susu. Kalau tak suka susu boleh ambil pil kalsium Shaklee yang di panggil ostematrix. Ostematrix dilengkapi dengan vitamin D dan magnesium yang membantu penyerapan kalsium oleh badan.



* Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnos, merawat, menyembuhkan atau mencegah sebarang penyakit.

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