Vivix International Users Testimonials

Vivix International Users Testimonials


Salam semua. Berikut adalah testimoni vivix, Vivix International Users Testimonials yang telah dikumpul oleh Nanny Shaklee saya, Master Iffah Anuar. Sumber :


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As you know, I am diabetic with all the problems that go along. One of my greatest fears is losing my legs as my grandfather lost his from diabetes. I suffered severe neuropathy in both my legs and feet. In addition to that, I had 3 stints put in my left leg last summer and was diagnosed with PAD. I was experiencing severe leg cramps nightly. Hardly a night went by when I wasn’t awakened by them and had to jump out of bed and walk around. This would happen several times a night. Since taking Vivix, I have not been awakened a single evening with a leg cramp. So wonderful! And I can feel my toes again. They no longer feel like wooden appendages down there. Bless Shaklee and Vivix! I now experience full nights of restful sleep. – Cathi S. Lindall, CPA


I am 72 years old and have had essential tremors since my early 30’s. The shaking and tremors became so bad that I had to quit my job as a lab technician in 1989. When in high school I could type 60 words a minute. For the past 15 years in order to type, I had to hold my right index finger with my left hand and type one key at a time. At times, the tremors were so pronounced that I had difficulty eating and drinking, but I made a really good “tossed salad”.I have faithfully used Shaklee supplements since November of 1998 and added the Vitalizer when it was introduced. I also take CoQHeart twice daily along with B-Complex. There was very little improvement. I started taking VIVIX on August 23. In a week and a half, I noticed the tremors/shaking had lessened. Now, at THREE WEEKS of VIVIX, my tremors/shaking are minimal! I have to learn to use my hands again—I have to learn to type again with all my fingers!!! I was hoping a change would occur in two to three months on VIVIX, but NEVER expected these results in three weeks. – Anne Campbell



I’m a person who has used Shaklee vitamins as well as their business plan to improve all elements of my health profile since 1985. I am now 72 and have been experiencing an elevated amount of joint, muscle and back pain. It has grown over the past several years to aggravating proportions effecting sleep and most movement. I was using up to 16 Pain Complex tablets a day to control this growing pain. It worked to quench the pain but the pain itself showed no signs of letting up. Then, in early August, Shaklee Corporation introduced VIVIX, a fabulous new longevity tonic with resveratrol and super-grape extracts. I actually began taking Vivix while attending the convention in New Orleans. It is now September 15th and I’m pain free! I take NO Pain Complex. I use the Prescription for Health products recommended by Dr. Jamie McManus in addition to Vivix…one teaspoon a day. It’s great to be able to move again without pain anywhere. – Martha Maxwell



Let me relate a story I heard today about a woman who had cancer 10 years ago and refused chemo and decided to go the natural route using Shaklee and other alternative approaches. She has done extremely well for many years. When Vivix came out her friend told her about it … she sent the information to her doctors and normally they would send her an email response but not this time! They called her and told her to, “not walk, but RUN to get this product and start taking it immediately!” – Lorri



Hi Anne, I wanted to put into words what you and Shaklee have done for me. This past spring I found myself dealing with a flare up of Sarcoidosis. This is, as you know, an auto immune disease that, in my case, caused long bone (not joint) pain and most troubling, breathing difficulties. The disease caused calcium deposits called granulomas to stiffen my lungs, so constricted airways was not the trouble, it was inflamed lung tissue that did not want to expand as it should resulting in shortness of breath as well as coughing. This affected everything in my life. I was unable to even go for walks without being out of breath. I was so frustrated. Thanks to the gift of your friendship and true concern and the wonderful health and nutrition products from Shaklee, I was able to get the Sarcoidosis into remission within about six months.

Now the first time I suffered with Sarcoidosis, which was in 1999/2000, the disease took a course of one year before it went into remission. This time, though, I truly believe that by introducing Shaklee nutrition into my life, I was able to shorten the duration of the illness. The drug of choice used to treat Sarcoidosis is Prednisone. For anyone not familiar with the drug, it reduces inflammation but along with that it has some terrible and serious side effects such as bone pain, fluid retention, insomnia, and weight gain, to name a few. I began taking a variety of Shaklee supplements specifically chosen to support and rebuild my immune system such as Vitalizer, Alfalfa, Immunity Formula 1, Core Energy, Omega Guard, Zinc, and the Pain Relief Complex. Although I still had to continue with the oral Prednisone in order to breathe comfortably, the supplements began to help me rebuild my damaged cells. I also chose to eat as organic as possible and went green in my home by using Shaklee cleaning products and laundry products. Anne, with your help, I began to realize that the medical world does have its place without a doubt, but it was up to me to monitor my own health, learn how different foods affected my health and to remove any chemicals that could possibly be a contributing factor in relation to the return of the Sarcoidosis.

Truly, nothing that I was doing regarding my choice of foods (I avoid preservatives in foods), choice of cleaning products and choice of natural supplements could hurt me ? these things could only help me support and strengthen my immune system as well as protect it from unnecessary chemicals. What could I possibly lose?? The support the supplements offered soon enabled me to reduce my Prednisone dosage to 20 mg per day from 40 mg. I took no other pain relievers except for the Shaklee Pain Relief Complex. Around the middle of July I was able to go off of the Prednisone (I had to do this slowly) and began taking an inhaled steroid, Asmanex. I no longer needed the Pain Relief Complex as I had no pain!!!!!

Shortly after this, Anne, you introduced me to Shaklee Vivix. NO JOKING HERE…within about one week my lungs started to feel better. I experimented by taking the Asmanex only in the morning, I cut out the PM dose (I had done this before, but immediately had to go back on the evening dose due to breathing difficulties). After four days without my PM dose, I finally called you, Anne, and my family cautiously excited that the Vivix had made a huge difference. I had a follow up appointment with my pulmonologist on Sept 16th. He said that based on the NORMAL levels of inflammation in my blood work and the IMPROVED FUNCTIONING of my lungs, that the Sarcoidosis was in remission again. I was so elated and thankful! I no longer take any steroid medication. yeah!! I truly believe, Anne, that a strong faith, loving family and friends along with supporting my immune system with the supplements and the amazing Vivix, that I was able to win my battle against Sarcoidosis. Thank you and thank Shaklee for making an amazing and healthy difference in my life. – God Bless, Jeannie Burgess



I am so excited to share with you what has happened to me since I started on Vivix. I need to give you some history to understand my story. 35 years ago I cracked my tailbone when I fell off a snow tube. I have had trouble with my tailbone off & on ever since. Two years ago I started on my weight loss program & cracked my tailbone again while exercising. This time it affected my sciatic nerve. I was in terrible pain. It hurt from my waist clear down to my toes. The chiropractor also told me that my lower disk was deteriorating. I have never experienced pain that intense! I had a lot of trouble sleeping at night. When I sat I had a shooting pain go down my leg. It would go numb if I sat too long. During this time I lost 40# with Cinch and I know that helped. I tried to stay as active as possible & used a lot of Shaklee food supplements. Over time it got a little better but I still had trouble sleeping at night.

In April I changed health clubs and tried a new exercise machine. I knew I was in trouble when I started the exercise. I immediately felt a terrible pain in my lower back and my sciatic nerve was “HOT” again! I slowed down on my exercising a little but didn’t stop. Nights were the worst. My lower back felt like it was going to break in two. It was very hard to get out of bed. When I finally got out I was very stiff & it took a couple steps to get moving. I looked like an old lady. I started taking Advil to help relieve the pain so I could get some sleep at night.

Then in June I was pulling in the boat anchor & hurt my shoulders. It hurt really deep in my shoulder muscles. I use to sleep on my side with my arm under my pillow. I couldn’t sleep on my side due to my sciatic nerve pain & now due to my shoulders. I only got a couple hours of sleep a night due to the pain so the Advil increased. I was very discouraged because I didn’t know how much longer I could deal with the pain & lack of sleep. This happened daily until I was introduced to Vivix. I started on Vivix on 8-9-08. About 2 wks later I noticed that the weights at the health club didn’t seem as heavy and I wasn’t as tired after my workouts.

Then on 9-8-08 I noticed I slept a little better. It continued each night & my pain got a little less. On 9-11-08 I woke up on my side with my arm under my pillow! I could hardly believe it. I finally told my husband what had been happening since Sept. 8th. I didn’t want to tell anyone for a week just to make sure this wasn’t a fluke. The back breaking pain is gone! My sciatic nerve pain is gone! My shoulder pain is almost gone but I can still sleep on my side. I am sleeping again at night! I would never have believed that this could have happened just by adding Vivix! I haven’t had Advil since the 8th. Thank you Shaklee!!! My husband & I both have Vivix on autoship because we don’t want to run out. I just ordered another box of Vivix to keep on hand “just in case”. This is an incredible product! Jim has noticed more energy & clarity of thought since he’s been on Vivix. – Suzanne Flemming



A massive stroke 3 1/2 years ago (doctors attribute to my irregular heartbeat– I believe it was stress) attacked my right brain (& basil ganglia) leaving my left side totally unavailable and the right brain majorly stressed, reactive, & depressed. Never totally giving up, taking handfuls of Shaklee supplements, exercising, listening to motivational cd’s, getting Brain Gym balances, regular chiropractic care, etc., my progress was evident to those who knew me, including my doctors. But what they didn’t see was the exhaustion and struggle it took. Then along came Vivix, August 15, less than 6 weeks ago. First I thought it was probably the placebo effect, but today I can tell you a few of the things I KNOW have changed.


BALANCE–so bad in the past that one of the many falls landed me under my rolling car, crushing my right leg, though not the bone. My balance has improved so much I now climb stairs, carrying something in EACH hand, and not even holding onto the rail.

ENERGY–so different now I can do 30 minutes on the treadmill, noting my improved heart rate & instead of having to take a nap,

FOCUS— I am experiencing now more blood sugar balance and longer attention spans–just finished reading a whole book in a couple of days and, most assuredly, I am making an A in the Spanish class (where my classmates & teacher are @ 1/3 my age). So I would say my mental acuity and memory are enhanced as well!

ATTITUDELIFE IS GOOD! I woke up this morning, like most others since starting on this magical stuff, full of vitality & optimism, and happy.

Thank you, God & Shaklee! I have my life back, – Sylvia Greene



I have high blood pressure that is controlled by a diuretic and beta blocker combination medication. Usually even with medication my systolic ranges between 129-138 and my diastolic between 75-83 and my pulse would range anywhere from 80-91 (rarely dropping below 80). After five days on Vivix™ my blood pressure was 111/69 and pulse 59. The only thing different that I have been doing prior to this low reading is Vivix™. The past few days, my bp seems to be consistently around 122/73 and pulse 70. That’s pretty pleasing to me. I hope to eventually be able to come off all medications. I do supplement with magnesium and CoQ10 to counteract what my bp medication causes in nutrient deficiencies, but I’d rather not have the stuff going through my system.
I have not been on any other medications, not changed my diet any and my exercise level is still around 7500 steps a day. Overall, I seem to have more energy and am better able to concentrate. I would recommend that you take Vivix™ in the morning so you can get the benefit of more energy throughout the day. – Genia Powell



In October of 2007 I was diagnosed with a Basel Cell carcinoma (skin cancer) on my left shin. The Dermatologist cut and scraped it out and asked to see me again in 6 months. In July of 2008 the lesion had not healed and appeared to be even larger. We scheduled a surgical procedure to remove the entire lesion including going as deep as needed and excising healthy skin all the way around (about the size of a quarter).

In August I began using VIVIX. 4 weeks later, I went for the surgery and the cancer was essentially gone! I’ve been a dedicated Shaklee nutrition user for many years and VIVIX was the only difference in my supplement program. Ed has been diabetic for many years and on insulin for a number of them. He has struggled for a long time to get his A1C levels below 7 (these levels are measured every 6 months and are more important than the daily sugar levels to determine how well you are managing your disease). After 4 weeks on VIVIX his regular check-up indicated his A1C levels have dropped from 7.2 to 6.6. We’re expecting even better results at the next checkup! – Ann & Ed Mangelsen



Although I’ve been on an excellent anti-inflammatory supplement and diet program for over ten years, I’ve still had some aches and pains that just haven’t gone away. I’ve been using Vivix for about two weeks now (since it came out) and have had tremendous relief of all of the achy pains that used to plague me! I’m especially relieved not to have pain around the arthritic bones spurs I have on the joints of my spine and hands. This is a blessing in and of itself.

However the other day, I got a phone call from a friend of mine who started using Vivix when I did. She said her age spots were going away. “What!!!! Hold the phone!” I said. It looked like mine were lighter too!! Now several days later I can say for certain that some of my spots are gone and the rest are much, much lighter. I’ll bet they’ll all be gone within a week. I’m also noticing much more energy and I’ve been sleeping better (less pain). Better sleep, more energy, no pain and no spots!!! Hip Hip Hooray for Shaklee! – Dr.Sandy Bevacqua



Mary Ann Tregnago reports: “I am a medical transcriptionist; I have diverticulitis, which had become burdensome to say the least. I have been using Shaklee products and I know they are good. A week ago today I started taking one teaspoon of Shaklee’s new product, Vivix. During the past week I have not had one episode of explosive symptoms, no left-sided pain or cramps. I do believe it is safe to say that Vivix is helping.”



“Gary started on the VIVIX Wednesday, August 8th. The 13th he had dental surgery to prepare for a tooth transplant. The 22nd he had a follow up visit and the dental surgeon called in some of his staff to show them that the healing process looked like it had been 4 months instead of just a few days! He said he’d never seen anything like this before and was calling his Mother-inlaw who’s in Shaklee to get started on the products! Gary’s 67 and has taken Shaklee for 34 years!” – Phyllis & Gary Newman



Began using Vivix Saturday morning and by Monday noticed a marked improvement in my ability to focus on one task at a time through the day. This has always been an issue for me; beginning one thing after another and having difficulty completing any. Even with using Mental Acuity Plus, I still had some degree of difficulty. I’m absolutely amazed that I’ve been so clear-headed, focused and energetic this week. Viva Vivix!!! – Susan Stephens



I spoke with Megan’s dad yesterday, and he told me that it was one year ago to the day, November 19, 2007 that they rec’d the news that Megan, age 7, had brain cancer and her prognosis wasn’t good. So the journey began the poking, prodding, chemo therapy, bedside vigils, etc. They were introduced to Shaklee and they started little Megan on Nutriferon and Children’s Vita Lea. She began to show some improvement. However, Todd told me that the real tipping point came in August with the introduction of Vivix; they began the daily Vivix, 1 tsp per day. Megan has shown remarkable progress ever since. The neurosurgeons at the Mayo clinic told her parents that the type of tumor that Megan has DOES not shrink,not with chemo treatment. They were in disbelief when Megan’s tumor was almost undetectable.

Todd totally attributes her amazing progress to prayers which are so powerful but also to Shaklee’s Vivix along with the Nutriferon and vitamins. The hope that he and his family have again is beyond words. I still find it very difficult to put what I heard in his voice into words. Todd touched me to the very depth of my being. This is why we do what we do, we are able to give people hope when they have none.God Bless. – Jeannie Foster



Phil Truelove shared an awesome story with us .. has had many injuries over the years, and OmegaGuard, etc. have really helped the stiffness, pain, etc. that he has had to live with BUT since Vivix he can get right up out of bed without being bent over (fell off a ladder-years ago), he can walk down the stairs without holding on to both side rails–he is not stiff or “old” looking as he walks. -Linda Dietz



A fibromyalgia client on Vivix, Vitalizer, and Cinch shakes for 4 days reports: “I noticed I slept really well last night for the first time in many weeks. My pain has lifted some and my energy level is starting to increase.” – April Simmons



“Tom and I have been on the Vivix for 1 week and 2 days and after about 5 days Tom noticed that his ankles no longer hurt. He had broken them both as a youth playing sports. Tom is 65 and arthritis hit his ankles this year. He had to get up and take pain meds so he could sleep. After taking Vivix for just 5 days he no longer needs pain meds to sleep.” – Nancy Douglas



My brother in law who is 75 and recently had some physical problems, got a strong tremor of his right hand—he started Vivix, his only Shaklee product—and within a few days his tremor is gone and he is writing normally again! He is duly impressed and thankful. – Linda Dietz



Lynn S., from Georgia reports the following … “Tears come to my eyes as I write this. Shaklee has brought out a product that is unlike anything I have ever seen. Two years ago I fell and tore my left rotator cuff and ripped the ligament off the bone in my left thumb (I am left-handed). Three months later the doctor operated on the thumb and reattached the ligament to the bone. Six months after that, my other doctor operated on my shoulder. When I woke, he told me that when he got in there he found “frozen shoulder” so he cleaned up the area a little, but wanted me to use the arm immediately or I would never get full range out of it again. Two years later I still have pain in my shoulder and it hurts to lift it totally straight to my ear. My thumb is always sore and the joint is swollen at the knuckle and also hurts in the joint above it.

I have been on Vivix for a week now. I was driving down to see one of our daughters who is in college when I realized that my thumb did not hurt and that the joint was not swollen! I almost ran off the road I was so startled with this realization. This was two years of discomfort that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life. (At 57 that was not something I looked forward to). I can’t wait to see what else Vivix restores in me! Remember, it works at the cellular level. I have already noticed that my fingers don’t feel so “tight” in the morning when I wake up. Praise God & thank you Shaklee!!”



I have had this problem for over 5 years and was diagnosed by a friend who is a nurse practitioner with lichen sclerosus over 3 years ago by having a biopsy. They recommended an ointment to apply twice a day. It relieved some of the pain and got it sort of under control, but never really helped that much. I still had a lot of redness and sores inside and out, which was very uncomfortable during intimate times with my husband. I just learned to bear the pain, but my husband was very frustrated; he thought I needed to find another doctor that would fix it. I just never felt comfortable looking for a doctor that I could trust. They said I would have this for the rest of my life and I would just have to learn to keep it under control.

Well low and behold — two weeks after being on VIVIX all the sores and pain went away. I just thought I was imagining it and it would probably come back, but it’s been 3 months now and I’m still pain free with no sores. I wasn’t expecting anything like this to happen by taking VIVIX, but I think every woman needs to know about this in case they may have the same problem I had. This is definitely a miracle of a product, and I don’t want to ever be without it. – Jean



I can’t believe that Vivix. I had a couple of light brown spots that showed up on my face a few months ago and was considering seeing a dermatologist to have them checked. After just 10 days on Vivix I noticed they were gone. Also the couple on my hands are fading fast. But the absolute best testimony I have after three weeks on Vivix is the following:

I developed a spur in my big toe four years ago after I stepped wrong and got a hairline crack on the side of my foot. I eventually couldn’t move my toe even a fraction. The doctor called it a ‘stiff toe’ and said it was a spur. He said my only solution was surgery and wearing ugly shoes the rest of my life. The pain was horrific for months. I couldn’t even stand a sheet on my toe.

As soon as the doctor said “spur” a light bulb went off. I remembered hearing years ago that Shaklee calcium was the only calcium that broke up arthritic spurs while other types may cause them, so I knew I had to increase my Shaklee calcium and alfalfa. Within 3 days the spur was dissolving, but I developed a lump on the bone above my toe which continued to cause me some pain. I eventually could wear one inch heels as long a the shoe wasn’t too tight. I had to buy shoes 1/2 size larger because of the sore. That was definitely better then the doctors only solution of surgery and ‘ugly shoes’ but it just wouldn’t heal completely.

Then “Vivix” came along. I had taken it for 2 1/2 weeks when I noticed the lump was gone and no more soreness. I wore 2″ heels this week for the first time in four years and was pain free. I still had some crystallization in my big toe, but I noticed that is completely dissolved now and I can wiggle my toe perfectly and bend it up, which is probably why I can wear the high heels now (the spur and lump are both completely gone). If I really push where the lump was there is still a slight soreness, but I’m sure that will be gone soon.

I am so excited. Thank you Shaklee for this unbelievable product. I had no idea it would help with such a problem. I’ve missed so much not being able to wear heels as I’m short and they just make me feel more feminine, plus I’m pretty tired of the pain. I was just taking the Vivix to become younger, like we all are. Viva Vivix! I also have a friend in Shaklee who said her bunions are gone and her husband’s dark shadows on his face are practically gone. I don’t understand how this works so quickly.

It’s almost scary, but in a good way. I think Shaklee is going to be receiving some truly amazing testimonies as a result of this product. I think we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg. I just had to share this with someone. – Mary McGaffic



Bill is Professor and Provost at Bexley Hall Theological Seminary in Columbus, OH Dear Priscilla, One year ago I was feeling generally worn down and tired all the time, feeling the need to take frequent naps. My energy level was at an all-time low. In my work week, Tuesdays were especially difficult. The day started with a 6 a.m. wake up and at work by 7:30 a.m. which from then on was relentless: meetings, worship, more meetings, choir practice, quick lunch, teaching all afternoon, a quick break for a bite of supper, and then a three-hour once/week meeting of another course I was teaching. When I reached my apartment at 9:30 p.m., I was beyond tired. Every fiber of my being was exhausted and I had all I could do just to get ready to fall into bed. The crowning blow was not sleeping very well and only for four or so hours. This year is different. Tuesdays are absolutely the same schedule. And, although I reach the end of the day tired, I am not exhausted beyond belief. I am able to walk home with a lively step rather than feeling that my feet are lead weights. I am sleeping better and longer and I awake ready to face the new day with renewed energy. What has made the difference? I have been taking my spoonful of Shaklee’s new product, Vivix, every day since August 15 ! – Bill Petersen



For the last 6 months I have been suffering from chronic severe pain in my left foot which has been diagnosed as a plantar fasciculitis This is an inflammation of a ligament which runs from the heel towards the large toe. The pain has been so intense that for the last 3 months I have been using a cane to walk. I had to buy new shoes and to put my foot in a cast every night while sleeping. I can’t take antiinflammatory or pain meds so I just had to suffer.

After reading the information about Vivix, I ordered some and began taking one teaspoon a day last Monday. I couldn’t believe it but last Wednesday (after 2 days!), I put down my cane as I could now walk without severe pain. By Friday I had very little pain and today I have NO pain. Just one week and I am pain free. Unbelievable! For any skeptics out there, all I can say is it worked for me and if you have chronic pain you should try this. – Rick Navarro, Ph.D.



I have had bulging discs and back problems on and off for a good many years, but with chiropractic and massage and a successful regimen of supplementation, I have been fortunate enough to stay off all meds and keep the pain at bay for the most part, although it always seemed to return to some degree of severity. I had to be careful not to lift anything heavy, or twist in the wrong way or sit too long or the chronic problem would return. In January of this year, I did something really stupid! I started to jump-rope in an effort to get some additional exercise. Not a good choice with two compressed discs.

Walking and swimming is great, but no impact exercise! On the fourth day I ended up with three herniated discs and in so much pain that all I could do was crawl around on the floor for about 10 days. I had an emergency visit to the orthopedic surgeon, who put me on bed rest, antiinflammatory’s (which I took for about 2 weeks) ice packs and he then recommended I return to my chiropractor for long-term treatment with the caution that as long as I responded well and behaved myself, I’d not need surgery.

After about 3 months of frequent treatments and model behavior I had recovered well enough to take a trip to England. I continued to improve over the next few months except for a chronic ache in my right hip and groin which often flared up for no apparent reason and refused to go away. It would temporarily improve with a chiropractic adjustment or therapeutic massage, but always returned after a few days. I figured I’d just have to put up with it since there seemed no permanent solution.

Enter Vivix! What an amazing product! After two weeks of taking Vivix, the chronic ache in my groin and hip disappeared entirely and despite my expectation that it would come back as usual – it has not! Not even a twinge and the only thing different was adding Vivix. Today I visited my chiropractor and I was able to check the box that said “no pain”. He examined me thoroughly and I waited for my usual adjustments but to my amazement, he told me that I was in complete alignment and he could see no reason to adjust me as I was doing so well. I was thrilled! I’ve NEVER had that happen.

Naturally I gave him literature on Vivix. I have also noticed increased energy and endurance both physically and mentally and I am so much more focused. I truly feel younger and healthier. – Anthea Tripp



I have spent the past 4 ½ years very sick. I had unknowingly contracted Lyme Disease from a tick bite while I was hiking in Lake Tahoe Nevada. A few weeks later I began to feel tired, had flu like symptoms and my neck was extremely tense. Lyme Disease never crossed my mind since those types of ticks aren’t supposed to live in the area. At the time I was practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine and thought I was just overdoing it since I had just sold my practice in Arizona and had moved to Lake Tahoe with my husband and was starting a new practice. I had been rock climbing for 11 years and had always been active, but when I announced that I was selling my practice, my patient load doubled… “I’m just tired”, I thought. I decided to make an appointment with a woman I knew practicing Homeopathic Medicine to see if she could help me. To make a very long story short, she did not. Turned out she didn’t have a license and had never been to school, she was ordering homeopathic equipment through her husband’s chiropractic practice. She ended up injuring me to the point of a near death experience. That was January 2004, I was 29 years old at the time.

It’s difficult to describe the state I was in but to give you an idea, things we take for granted like speaking and breathing were exhausting to me. A few too many minutes on the phone and I would pass out. Needless to say, I closed my practice. I had been to 16 doctors, 8 western and 8 holistic. I was finally diagnosed with 3rd stage Lyme Disease and Adrenal Fatigue by my 16th doctor, years later. She believed that my mitochondria had been damaged by the “Homeopath” but didn’t have a good answer on how to fix it.

The Lyme Disease had gone into my brain and nervous system and I could not walk or speak. I had become confused and was unable to do simple things like turn on a light switch, shower or cook. My parents had to come help us. After being treated for both the Adrenal Fatigue and Lyme Disease over a period of 1 year and 8 months, I was well. I still had trouble with my memory and re-learning was difficult for me. I only remembered tiny bits about Chinese Medicine and any time I would try to read or re-learn something, it would be gone in a matter of days. I believe that switching to Shaklee products helped me recover as fast as I did. Most people with 3rd stage Lyme Disease take years to recover or they don’t recover at all.

Going green and switching to Shaklee vitamins (Vitalizer) made a huge impact on our lives. However I was still tired quite often and only had about 4 or 5 hours of energy in me a day. Then Shaklee launched Vivix!!! This was my turning point. My fist day taking it I was on the go during the Shaklee Conference from 6:45am until 12:30am, dancing the night away! As my day got longer I seemed to have more and more energy. By the 3rd day of Vivix I had my most clear conversation in years. Someone asked me about Chinese Medicine and some health problems they were having, usually I would have to tell that person that I don’t remember much about Chinese Medicine. But not That Day! The next thing I knew I was doing an impromptu assessment and diagnosing her, it was all clear to me!!

On my 5th day of taking Vivix I happened to have an appointment with one of my holistic doctors and he said that Vivix is “bringing me back to life” and “making drastic changes in my body”. How Exciting!!! I feel AMAZING! The best way to describe how I feel is to say I feel the way I did before all of this happened to me. I could not have written this even a month ago. I’m Back! I am grateful to Shaklee and am excited to feel alive again! My husband and I have our lives back! Not everyone who takes Vivix will be as sick as I was, but imagine the possibilities and the impact it will have on those who really are just overdoing it. – G. Mariko Frederick



I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation four or five years ago. At one point it was so bad that my heart almost NEVER was in normal rhythm and I hardly had energy to do anything! I was actually considering going into the hospital so the doctor could load 4 “bad” drugs in hopes that they would control it. I decided instead to put myself into God’s hands, instead of the doctors’ hands, and He healed my heart! I give HIM all the credit and glory; because overnight my heart changed from almost always beating wrong to almost always beating right. It’s the “almost” part that I want to address… because, even though there was no doubt that God had done a work in healing my heart, I still occasionally had episodes now and then that were scary. I was concerned that perhaps Vivix might trigger an irregular heartbeat and asked one of our Shaklee scientists whether that was a possibility. The response was that I possibly could experience a great improvement in heart function. And that is exactly what has happened! Since I started taking Vivix, I have not had a single episode of A-fib! Not once has my heart been out of perfect rhythm! – Jenny Williams



I have been taking Vivix for about 3 weeks now. I took Gentle Sleep each night as I have Carpal Tunnel in both my wrists from past years of waitressing. I had to wear wrist braces to sleep, and I still would wake up thru the night with pain in my wrists, and also was waking with hot flashes. So I increased my Gentle Sleep to 5 tablets a night, then I slept good, and no longer had hot flashes, as long as I took 5 each night. Well, Gentle sleep was put on back order for months, and thank goodness that Vivix arrived!!! From the first spoonful of Vivix, I slept all night, and no hot flashes. After just a couple days of taking Vivix I noticed that my wrists weren’t hurting at all any more, so I decided to stop wearing my braces at night, and now, they no longer sit on the table by my bed, they are permanently in the closet thanks to Vivix, I don’t have hot flashes, I don’t have to wear my wrist braces, and my wrists don’t hurt anymore. I also have noticed, that I don’t have the aches and pains all over my body like I used to have. I have less headaches. Just feel good all over.

A little over 6 years ago I suffered a stroke, I was very fortunate on my recovery despite my problems that I have, I feel my balance is a little better, and I’m sure there are more things that are at work in my body with Vivix that more time will prove to me, and it’s all to the wonderful VIVIX!! Oh, not to take away from Gentle Sleep, but I no longer need to take Gentle Sleep with Vivix! It’s like a miracle syrup, just a spoonful a day, keeps aches and pains away!!!

My husband, after hearing me brag about Vivix and knowing that I no longer wore wrist braces to bed, and took less medicine for body aches & pains and headaches, and no longer took gentle sleep and sleeping good … decided to give it a try! Well, just after one week, he is hooked, and it’s hard to convince him on any product. He is a Steel worker, so has lots of aches and pains, and he is one that has never slept good, waking up every night every hour, or at the least every other hour. He is sleeping all thru the night now for the first time, and says that already his joints and body does not ache like it used to …, only after one week. His saying is, “I don’t know how it does it, but that stuff works” I can’t wait for more time to go by to see how we are feeling and looking after taking it longer. – Joanne & Aaron



This year has been a journey for our family. I look back and see many blessings despite hospital stays and doctor visits from April through September. On April 4th, my husband Ron had a small tumor removed from his rectum which came back positive for cancer. More tests were ordered, and during those tests, an abdominal aneurysm was found. On June 18 he had the surgery to repair the aneurysm prior to having the rectal surgery for the colostomy.

In mid-August we met with the colo-rectal surgeon who indicated that the pathology report showed the tumor had invaded the rectal muscle and the margins were questionable. Their recommendation was to have the colostomy to be sure the cancer was completely removed, however we had the option of first having a biopsy of the area where the tumor had been removed.

On September 16th the doctor called telling Ron that there were no cancer cells in the biopsy. Ron had not been using any Shaklee supplements. With the first pathology report in April, I set Nutriferon on the kitchen table and explained the product, telling Ron he should start taking six a day. I also gave him Optiflora, Carotomax, and Vita Lea Gold with his prescription medications.

In August we started using Vivix daily. At the time of the biopsy in September, Ron had been taking the supplements since April and on Vivix for six weeks. Where did the cancer go?? The surgeons cannot explain it. It was there but it is gone. I think back to Dr Shaklee saying “Give the body what it needs and it will heal itself.” This has been my prayer since last April.

Ron questions “Was it the Vivix?” but continues to ask for the Vivix every morning and he faithfully takes the Nutriferon and the other supplements. I thank God and Shaklee that the cancer is gone. I am also thankful for the surgeons who were willing to do more tests before doing more surgery – Jan Cruise



From Lisa Stocker’s associate: First let me start by saying I have been a type 1 diabetic since I was 17, I am now 52 so that’s 35 years being insulin dependent. I have had some diabetic complications, but the worst would be. NEUROPATHY, it’s where your nerve endings don’t seem to “talk” to each other in the correct way. First, it makes you feel like your foot or hand has fallen asleep, but the pain gets to feel like someone is sticking thousands of pins in your hand or foot. The easiest way to explain the pain is when your hands are real cold and you run them under hot water, but the pain lasts 24/7.

Well I was put on a drug called Neurontin, which has some very negative side effects. Dan talked to me about Vivix while I was in Cincinnati for Riverfest last labor day, and said our mother was taking it. I never gave it a second thought as I never believed “natural” medicines could outperform prescription medications….

While visiting my mother recently, I discussed Vivix with her and she gave me a bottle to try, Keep in mind that with Neurontin I still had Peripheral pain, but with Vivix within 6 DAYS the pain was almost gone. I slowly weaned myself off the Neurontin and have been virtually pain free. I have other diabetic complications that my body is responding positively to Vivix and may have more testimony in the future. – Paul



I was diagnosed with early onset dementia 6 years ago at the age of 57. With the Shaklee products I take, the doctor said I was doing great. However, even though I was “doing great”, I had poor sleep, was a grizzly bear in the morning, not much energy during the day and didn’t look forward to doing things! However, after Vivix, I have a new clarity that had been missing for a long time. I also have much more energy and sleep better and now get up in the morning – eager to get busy! This is a TREMENDOUS difference for someone with memory problems.  – Linda Berton



My sister, who is a wildlife artist, told me yesterday that she didn’t need her reading glasses as much when she is painting up close in detail! – Barb Heller



My VIVIX testimonial is that it seems to have increased my metabolism! I am able to eat more like a regular person and still stay thin (in fact I’ve lost about 3 pounds), instead of eating like a bird and working out all the time! One of the David Sinclair videos on You Tube shows him saying that the ingredients seemed to offset obesity in laboratory rats even on a high calorie diet! I’m definitely not on a high calorie diet, but like I said, I seem to be able to actually eat regular amounts now. – Barbara Heller



My skin has been very dry, and getting worse, for the past several years. My husband said my forearms looked like tanned leather. The skin was thick, dull, and very dry, in spite of using Enfuselle facial moisturizer on them. If I scratched my arm even slightly there would be a white mark and skin would flake off. I had assumed it was just a sign of age and I’d have to accept it and then came Vivix! My skin is more youthful once again. – Mona Jones



I am a massage therapist and I pay a lot of attention to my hands since they’re my working tools. Over the years, I’ve developed numerous age spots on both hands. I also have sun damage on both cheeks (on my face). Anyway, I noticed something different with my hands on day 3 of Vivix. Yes, they were looser. My always swollen knuckles were looking almost normal. But there was something else going on and I couldn’t pinpoint it.

This morning (day 6 of Vivix), I looked at my hands and screamed for my husband. He came running, thinking he was going to have to save me from something terrible. Instead, I shoved my hands in his face. My right hand only had a few age spots on it. My left hand had NO age spots! I have looked at these spots for years and thought that it was just something I was going to have to live with. Then, I looked at my face in the mirror. The sun damage on my right cheek was a mere shadow. On my left cheek, there was only a little spot.

I can’t wait to wake up in the morning. I knew this product was amazing when they introduced it to us, but I never would have dreamed that it would work this fast or have these affects. It’s almost scary. I hope I have many more Vivix stories to tell! – April Simmons Ball



I have been taking Shaklee supplements since 1986. One thing that has been a constant was sinus infections with taking antibiotics once yearly . After adding Vivix to my supplement regime, I can honestly say that the sinus symptoms are gone. I knew Vivix made a difference after spending the night at my sisters. She has cats and I would normally be taking Claritin after the visit- I had no symptoms at all. Vivix is certainly worth a try if you suffer from sinus problems like I had in the past! – Karen M. Brown



I just want to share what happened last week with my husband and Vivix– he has been taking Vivix faithfully since I brought it back from New Orleans– it is incredible that he remembers to do this since I can barely get him to swallow 2 Vita-Lea! He practices a Brazilian martial arts which is very acrobatic, and last week at gymnastics class, he messed up a back handspring and landed on his face on rough carpet. His entire forehead and the bridge of his nose had the most terrible rug burn I have ever seen. He continued with Vivix and cared for the skin injury very carefully over the following week.

I thought he would have terrible scarring, but after seven days it is almost imperceptible to see where the large patches of skin had been scraped off. I cannot believe how fast and how completely his skin healed itself– and then I realized “Oh my gosh, the Vivix helped repair his skin to this extent!” I have no doubt that he would have had completely different results had he not been taking the Vivix! – Mary Baird



I have a history of heart problems since my early 20’s. My average heart rate was 213 beats a minute for 10 years, called Super Ventricular Tachycardia. My heart would pound so hard, you could literally see it. I was always weak, dizzy and light headed. I didn’t want to take drugs because of the side effects. After 10 years of this, I had 2 heart surgeries (because my symptoms kept coming back). I was still having problems – a fast heart rate and feeling weak. I was in and out of the  hospital every month for a year –test after test – and they still couldn’t figure out why my heart rate was so erratic and fast.

I heard about Shaklee products and how great they were from a friend years before, so I decided to try them. Within 6 weeks of taking the products, it was like night and day for me …. I was no longer weak and I didn’t have to stop at the top of the stairs and catch my breath and my bearings. The protein powder made the biggest impact on my health…. I can’t live without it. I had been told back then that I couldn’t have kids because they would have birth defects due to lack of oxygen. Since being on the products, I had a baby who is very healthy and is now 11 years old.




I’ve always been an avid exerciser since I was 20 years old – aerobic type of activity and weights. I have a particular machine that I work out on called the gauntlet. I typically work out on it for about 35 minutes. It has taken me 3 or 4 years to get to this level of intensity, otherwise my heart flips and I get weak and have to stop my workout. It takes me a long time to work into another level in my workouts. In 2 weeks of starting on Vivix, I increased my intensity without my heart flipping and I didn’t get that weak feeling. My face used to get VERY red and hot – not anymore! This is HUGE for my heart!!! – Jodi Barnhart



My daughter has been taking Vivix since the convention and noticed yesterday that the little red bumps that she has had on the backs of her arms for fifteen years are almost completely gone. She has been taking Shaklee supplements for a long time and this is the first time the bumps have gone away. She has also noticed that her endurance has gone up for her Pilates classes. She also finds that her face looks more rested. Can’t wait to find out what else will happen! – Chris Schmelzer



I suffered for many years from ulcerated colitis – an inflammatory condition of the large colon which produces burning, itching and diarrhea. I watched my diet very carefully and added the Shaklee supplements that are important for healthy digestion along with the Vitalizer. My condition improved; but as soon as I would eat sugar or any gluten, I would again suffer a great deal of pain and diarrhea.

I began taking VIVIX and noticed that day by day the inflammation was less and less. All the symptoms associated with the disease were gone in 8 days. VIVIX has also given me a great deal of energy, my brain works better and I feel younger. VIVIX has changed my life as I suffered for many years. Thank God for Shaklee, – Donn Mathias



9-18-08, my PSI was 9.1. I consulting with my sister, who is a Shaklee distributor, I added the following Shaklee supplements to my daily  routine of taking Protein and Vitalizer – VIVIX, NutriFeron, Saw Palmetto, and Immunity Formula I to boost up my immune system. On 9-26-08, the blood tests showed a drop in my PSA levels to 6.9, which the nurse said was highly unusual. My PSA scores had dropped down from a high of 9.1 on September 18th to a low of 3.4 in just 6 weeks! Plus, my free PSA scores of 28.8% are the highest I have ever received since I started having prostate problems in 2005.

As I started VIVIX on 9-12-08, my doctor was amazed at these rapid changes in my PSA scores. He said that “something was going on,” and I educated him on what changes I had made and the benefits of Shaklee’s supplements and VIVIX! Now, he doesn’t want to see me for another 6 months! Plus, he said that the chance of this being cancer is under 5% whereas a month ago he said that it was around 20%. In addition to the changes in my PSA scores, I am noticing an improvement in my vision. Plus, I do a lot of climbing on ladders for my work, and the pain in my knees has lessened as well. So, once again, Shaklee has risen to the occasion and made a huge difference in my health! So, thank you Shaklee for creating VIVIX and all your other great health-improving products! – John G.



Tom and I have been on the Vivix for 1 week and 2 days. After about 5 days, Tom noticed that his ankles no longer hurt. He had broken them both as a youth playing sports. Tom is 65 and arthritis hit his ankles this year. He had to get up and take pain meds so he could sleep. After taking Vivix for just 5 days, he no longer needs pain meds to sleep.- Nancy Douglas



My children gave me a ring that I have worn for many years on my left ring finger. For the past five years, my knuckle was swollen from arthritis and I hadn’t been able to wear the “special” ring. Since taking Vivix for 2 weeks, the knuckle has “shrunk” and I have been able to wear my “special” ring every day. I am Thrilled! – Betty Simpson



Five years ago I had a mitral valve replaced and also experienced atrial fribrillation and was put on Coumadin “for life” to prevent a stroke. Needless to say I have not been happy about this. I started Vivix August 16 and have taken it without interruption ever since. As people on Coumadin know, you have to have your blood checked on a regular basis – for me it was usually every 5-6 weeks. After 7 weeks on Vivix my blood tested too thin. I need to be between 2.5 and 3.5. I tested at 4.1 (too thin). I was told to go home, have a salad (greens thicken your blood), and come back in two weeks to be checked.

In two weeks my blood again tested too thin. I really didn’t think too much about it until I went back again in two weeks and again tested too thin. This time my Coumadin was reduced and I was thrilled. The only thing I was doing differently was the Vivix. I told this to the Coumadin nurse and said I would bring her information on Vivix on my next visit. I went back in two weeks and my blood was still too thin and my Coumadin was reduced again. I gave the nurse my Vivix information and she said she couldn’t understand how the Vivix was thinning my blood but “do not stop taking the Vivix.”

I am due to go in again Wednesday, Nov. 19, and hope for another reduction in my Coumadin. Also, I faithfully take 3000 mg a day of sustained release Vita C and I do not bruise like a lot of people who are on Coumadin. – Kathleen Johnson



I have had problems with my hamstring for about two years and a torn rotator for more years than I can remember. The rotator injury was like someone putting a screwdriver in the back of my shoulder and relentlessly prying. If you want to understand what it feels like, try this. Have someone pinch your skin very hard and instruct them to not let go regardless of your reaction.

The pain will increase very quickly and intensify the more you think about it, and you will start to feel like you’re going to panic. The difference is that you can pull the hand away causing the pain. I had secondary pain in my chest causing anxiety like symptoms and palpitations, which I saw two doctors about. The tests were negative for cardiovascular problems. I would always feel tightness in my chest, I was easily irritable when my shoulder would inflame. I knew the pain in my chest, and the pain in my mind, was to do with my shoulder. It was the thorn in my side that kept me company and preoccupied me while trying to go about my life.

Let me tell you about the hamstring tendinitis. It is inflammation of the hamstring tendon as it attaches to the butt bone, or pain and tenderness at the ischial tuberosity. Examples of symptoms are: pain when stretching the hamstring; pain when flexing the knee against resistance; and, a gradual onset of pain following a sprinting session. You may have experienced a groin pull, and if you have, the feeling is similar. In spite of doing physical therapy and countless chiropractic visits, the problems persisted and really only worsened. Even with having a background in exercise physiology and the training and discipline to provide self-therapy, I only aggravated them. I despaired about living with this for the rest of my life.

I’m not one to cry about these sorts of things, but I was livid because with everything I’ve learned and have done to help people, I could do nothing. I’ve functionally mobilized clients who had total hip replacements, knee replacements, and even had a client who lived in a body cast for two years after having two titanium columns inserted into her entire spine, and fused, and I could do nothing. What I had was very minor compared to that, which was even more frustrating – until I started Vivix.

I started Vivix about two weeks ago, and what is happening to me is remarkable! After about three days of taking Vivix, I noticed the tension in my chest to ease, and at the time the muscles in my shoulder and leg started tingling. I then started noticing stiffness in those muscles, like I worked those muscles out the day before and I thought to myself, that’s strange, I didn’t work those muscles. Then I realized that I have not felt this kind of soreness in years in those muscles, and this is the good news. The reason I have not had this feeling in years is because my muscles could not heal. You see, when muscle tissue is in chronic inflammation, it’s not healing. If you stress inflamed muscle it just stays inflamed and painful.

Normally, for example, after you work out your muscles they go through a process of inflammation and then you get the soreness. That soreness has a name which is called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS can actually feel good to avid exercisers. This soreness is a very normal response of healthy muscle tissue which occurs one to two days following exercise. My DOMS just took years! And now, every day I feel this nice tingling and the pain lessening. I am just starting to notice improvements in strength and range of motion as well. It’s like I can feel the resveratrol actually working. I suspect that Shaklee put nano robots in with the resveratrol or something. Vivix is truly powerful nutrition. – (Ben is a Clinical Arrhythmia Diagnostic Specialist, Exercise physiologist) Ben Anderson



This is PJ Myers, and for the past 4 years I have had the start of cataracts. The center of my lens on both eyes has been white. The optometrist has been keeping an eye on them. Two years ago I got back into Shaklee. The cataracts didn’t get any worse, but they didn’t get any better. However, in mid August 2008 I began taking Vivix regularly and just got back from the eye doctor November 7, 2008. He was shocked to see that my cataracts are GONE!! Also, my vision could only be corrected to 20-40 in 2005, 2006.

After joining Shaklee, it was correctible to 20-30. Since Vivix it is now correctible to 20-25. And for the first time in 40 years, I did not need new glasses. My night vision is improving as well. I feel as if my eyes are getting “younger”!! – PJ Myers



My 78 yr old mom has had toenail fungus for years, and nothing would get rid of it…until Vivix! It’s 100% gone now. Karen Roach



Debbie Loveless, is prone to canker sores in the mouth when she is overly stressed—the other supplements have helped, but when Debbie tried sloshing Vivix around in her mouth the way Dr.Bevacqua suggested, the next day the canker sore was gone! – Linda Dietz



This is my story and my progress. Early 2006, I was diagnosed as a TYPE II Diabetic. January 2008, I had progressed to a moderate diet & exercise program, but my Metformin intake was now at 1500 mg per day and average blood sugar levels of 150 to 160 mg at fasting. After 30 days, I was getting almost no substantial results on 1500 mg per day, so I switched to ZERO Metformin and replaced this with 2 Cinch Shakes and the 2 Glucose Regulation Complexes per day.

Almost within a 4 day usage period, my Blood Sugar levels went to 125 mg per day at fasting and have been maintained that way for 7 months. At the New Orleans conference, it was stated that VIVIX has beneficial properties of helping glucose to move quickly into the cells. A Type II Diabetic’s main problem is that glucose does not enter the cells either fast enough or in the proper amount to give the cell enough energy to do its work. Ah .. Ha ! VIVIX can help the glucose to move more efficiently into the cells which should help my TYPE II Diabetes. After being on VIVIX for 2 weeks with still taking the Shaklee Glucose Regulation Complex , my Blood Sugar Levels went down to 85 to 115 respectively with normal variation. I can’t tell you what this means as a labeled TYPE II Diabetic. I have energy, but more importantly a better outlook to my future. – John Lafferty

* Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnos, merawat, menyembuhkan atau mencegah sebarang penyakit.



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